While canvasing door-to-door for the 2016 primaries, David (founder, One Democracy) found many neighbors favored vastly opposite candidates...

...but for the same goals!

He realized the need to organize political communication for the common good.


When hotly contested polls rattled the country, he was inspired to design a
non-profit for transparency and action.

Our Platform

We provide an easy portal for unbiased, up to date information including:​​

  • Election and debate info

  • Real-time local, state, and federal policies

  • Biographies, investigations, and contributions

  • Balanced media excerpts and official quotes

  • Interactive maps and forums

Verified users confirm their district so that polls and moderation remain accurate throughout the site.​

President's Day interview with


One Democracy's free, transparent platform cultivates public trust

Verified users provide valuable feedback, but personal information is still stored securely and privately

Political data consultants have access to a smart dashboard to deliver premium insights and survey distribution

Digital government solutions are offered to non-digitized governments

Internships to moderate and source info directly with local governments, promote civic education and low overhead

One Democracy is a non-profit organization. 
We have absolutely no political affiliations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to restore civility in politics, further educate, and to directly connect leaders and citizens

Our plan requires the highest security and data processing. 

Help us raise funding to secure infrastructure and reliable political information. 

We also need volunteers to help collect and moderate data.

Your contribution helps integrate 

your local government
and makes town hall convenient