Affect politics directly.

Our Mission

The truth is many of us have the same goals for our country, states and communities.

Although we support different candidates and issues, neighbors and leaders want to develop solutions together.


But how can you afford a voice in politics?


With One Democracy's free non-profit platform.

  • One Democracy is a single, unbiased platform for political information and discussion.

  • Our online community brings people together with up-to-date legislation, voter resources, public information, and more.

  • Localized forums and polls establish respectful communication and trust between citizens and leaders.

With you can participate conveniently in national, state and community affairs that affect your life.


We’ll give you a voice in the political process regardless of your views.


We need your help today

Join us at and make a better America.

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let's get on the same page

We are aiming to launch beta in 2021.

Our plan for a sustainable platform requires the highest security and data processing. 


We are raising $1.6M for public launch. Contact to learn more.

We also need volunteers to help network and moderate data.

Your contribution helps integrate your local government and make town hall convenient

One Democracy is a non-profit organization.

We have absolutely no political affiliations.